Upcoming Events!

"Way Off Broadway" 
June 18th - June 29th 2018
Cost 175.00 (75.00 Registration Fee)

"Wonderful World Of Music
July 16th- July 27th -  2018
Cost 175.00 (75.00 Registration Fee)

Times: Monday through Friday 9-4 (see details per age group)
Click on "Camps" To  details and to download a registration form!
                           Please include child's name, age and parental contact numbers.                                                         Deadline for Registration is June 1st 2018 in order to guarantee a reserved spot!
Limited space available! 1st to register and send deposit is the only way to secure a reservation!
QUESTION? HOW DOES MY CHILD PARTICIPATE IN THE HEART OF CHRISTMAS SHOW? ANSWER: Camps are where your child may be be considered for The Heart of Christmas Show and for coaching by Laura Stevens. It is at the end of these camps, based on stage performance, social skills and parental support, that students are then chosen to participate in
 The Heart of Christmas Show. 
Summer Music Camps!
 Question? How do you become a member of Voices of the Heart? 
ANSWER:You must first and foremost be of Christian belief. The only way to become a member of Voices of the Heart is to become a student of Vocal Performance Coach Laura Stevens. The best way to enter is to go to a music camp. From there, Mrs Stevens will evaluate your performance based on attitude, energy, ability to learn choreography, stage presence, social skills, vocal ability and parental attitudes. Due to the intensity of The Heart of Christmas Show, members of Voices of the Heart must be able to do some dancing choreography while singing. Stage presence has to be believable and exciting.The members of Voices of the Heart and their parents work hard together to accomplish all that this group does. A child's attitude, respect of adults, parental support, their social skills with fellow showmates, is of extreme importance! 
It is also a requirement for a Voices of the Heart parent to be on board 100% in attitude and helpfulness!
All members of Voices of the Heart and all cast members of The Heart of Christmas Show must be students of Vocal Performance Coach Laura Stevens
FUN FUN FUN!! Click on this Camp link for info!
Find out if your child shows musical potential to sing and dance by sending them to camp. The camps center around a musical revue and emphasizes all that goes with stage performance! 
 November 24th & November 25th !!