Location of Camps: The Crown Theater  1960 Coliseum Drive Fayetteville, NC 28306

 Times By Ages for the first week  for both camps
Cast 2 & 3   9:30 till 1:30 Ages: 5-9 (the first week)  
 Cast 1b Ages: 10, 11 & 12  9:30 till 1:30   (the first week but they could stay later TBA)
Some 11,12 years olds may be able to meet the dancing requirements and might can be moved to some Cast 1 numbers 
Cast 1  Ages 13-18 9:30:00 till 4:30   (both weeks)   JUNE AND JULY CAMP

 Time for Second week for both camps
 9:30 till 4:30 

 Fridays are 9-12 for all Casts!
Everyone comes from 9:30 till 4:30 the second week of each camp.
( Times subject to change based on learning skills of camp participates, If anything, times would be extended.)

                                  The Show Nights will be June 27th  @  7:00      "Way Off Broadway" 
                         July  25th  @  7:00   "Wonderful World Of Music"

Shows will be held at Crown Theater Auditorium
(No admission charge! But we do take up a collection at the end of the show to help with expenses!)

   Cost is $175.00 per camp for 2017
 Balance is due by the 10th of June (June camp) and the 10th of July (July Camp) non-refundable
Limited space is available! All deposits and payments are non-refundable to due high demand for registration!

       75.00 Deposit (per camp)  required in order to  reserve a spot for your child. Camps sell out each year! This is  non re-fundable fee!  Spaces are reserved as deposits are mailed in. If Camps are sold out and you mailed in a deposit, your deposit will be returned if a space cannot be reserved for your child due to limited 
amount of spaces available!

Camps usually sell out. If they do you can email vohnc@aol.com and request to be placed on a 
waiting list  should someone cancel their reservation.

If you are interested in participating in the 2019 Heart of Christmas Show, your child will need to attend a camp and work with Director Laura Stevens! The camps are where Ms Laura selects certain child performers to have the privilege of being a part of the cast for The Heart of Christmas Show! 
This is based on the child's talent, energy, performance, attitude and equally important, parental support!

   What your children need :  Comfortable clothes and T shirts. Comfortable shoes (preferably dance shoes,) 
                              No tank tops or short shorts ( see email once you have registered)  knee pads are helpful for CAST 1  
2 snacks, lunch and at least 2 drinks.  

             EXTRA COSTS:  $10.00 for a Custom Designed Camp T shirt that everyone signs for a keepsake! 
We will need to rent extra costumes and mics and that fee is around 20-35 dollars for everyone ! Varies by Cast.
See Camp email once registered for final costume costs.

Mailing address for registration and payment:
Make Check Payable to Laura Stevens and Mail to :
Summer Music Camps 4532 Woodswallow Dr. Fayetteville 28312

 Or you can register by e-mail! Fill out form, scan in and then send as an  
                                         attachment to vohnc@aol.comohnc@aol.com vohnc@aol.com

Camps to choose from or go to both! Each camp is different!
Way Off Broadway
June 17th-28th 

Wonderful World
 Of  Music
July 15th-26th