Mail to 4532 Woodswallow
Fayetteville NC, 28312

CD's - 1 for 15.00, 2 for 25.00, 3 for 33.00
Cassettes -10.00 ("Family & Friends" only)
We will mail them to you just as soon as we recieve payment from your check or money order.
Pay Pal coming soon!

We do have some soundtracks available!
Soundtracks - 8.00 per song includes demo, soundtrack with Background vocals and without. No key changes!
Request which song title.

For bookings and info call
Charles Stevens, Manager/Public Relations
910 670 3892  910 670 2814

Laura Stevens Director

                   Allow 2 weeks for delivery!
Voices of the Heart
       Songs with a message ...Sung from the heart...
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