Having the priviledge of being a member of VOICES OF THE HEART led all of these wonderful and talented young women on a journey that
 would influence their lives forever and give them cherished memories of amazing moments of stage in concert and  at The Heart of CHristmas SHow
to help children! Here you will find important information regarding concerts dates and all information regarding 
The Heart of Christmas Show! 
Please visit www.heartofchristmasshow.com for more information. 

Voices of the Heart began in 1997 as a teaching outlet for vocal performance coach, Laura Stevens. 8 young talented students ages 11-15 were chosen to begin the journey of Voices of the Heart. In the fall of 1999 the group entered into a national gospel competition and won the best overall award competing against 200+ adult acts. This accomplishment allowed the group to be taken seriously, even though the ages in the group were quite young. On their return to their hometown in Fayetteville, North Carolina, the group and their director decided to use the publicity they received from winning the competition to create a Christmas show on the style of those seen at Myrtle Beach, SC. and Branson Mi. The difference would be that only young adults would perform in the show, that it would have a strong Christian message and that it would raise money to help sick and abused children in the city and surrounding areas. The Heart of Christmas Show was born with a motto of Children helping children… 
To date, the show has raised over 500,000.00 dollars to help benefit the lives of children.    
This is transient group with members aging out and young new comers anxiously awaiting for a spot to open for them to come in.
Voices of the Heart current members, ages 13-17 are,   
Randie Autry, Logan Hallas, Lauren Hallas, Kailey Hale, Hailey Speicher, Lydia Ussery and Ansley Wilkerson
 VOH keeps a heavy touring schedule singing at churches, patriotic events, fairs, and large gospel venues. They have opened for their favorite vocalist, Gospel legend, Sandi Patti. They also have opened for Lee Greenwood, shared events with The Greene's, Michael Combes, and Zig Ziglar just to name a few
. They have recorded 5 CD’s .but the favorite of all these wonderful moments is the work they do with the Heart of Christmas Show! 

This year, they tour with a segment of praise dancing that has been well recieved even in very traditional churches.
The songs they sing are inspiring and uplifting as you see their passion for singing for the Lord, expressed so clearly! 
Whether sInging original, written for them by their Director, Laura Stevens or fresh arrangements of favorite hymns,
 when they sing, you receive such a blessing and will be truly moved by the power and emotions shared throught the gift of singing!

THIS IS JUST A REALLY GREAT CHRISTMAS CD! Featuring songs from The Heart of Christmas Show!

      “Out of the mouth of babes,,, You have ordained praise…”  
Matt 21:16 

 Children helping children....
Voices of the Heart  
A rare opportuntiy for some very special, talented young girls...
20 Years and still carrying on..    VOICES OF THE HEART          Children helping children....
Songs with a message....
               Sung from the heart...
Visit www.heartofchristmasshow.com  Click here to find about more about this amazing goodwill event!
Voices of the Heart presents The Heart of Christmas Show each year at the Crown Center Theatre in Fay NC! The Show has raised over 775,000.00 dollars to help sick and abused children in our local area!
.Voices of the Heart  2013-2014
Voices of the Heart founded in 1997...
Logan Hallas
Ansley Wilkerson
Randie Autry
Lauren Hallas
Hailey Spechier
Lydia Ussery
Kailey Hale
Voices of the Heart 2018-2019